About Hitch Parking

Revolutionizing Truck Parking

The founders of Hitch set out with one goal in mind - to revolutionize truck parking by implementing and utilizing technology in order to help truck drivers, operators and carriers quickly and efficiently find parking.

We started by helping to solve the weekly and monthly parking issues by focusing on supply. We compiled a massive data set of existing parking facilities as well as created an entirely new system where businesses could offer up their excess available parking lanes. By mapping out available supply and also bringing new supply opportunities to the market, we are now able to help drivers, operators and carriers quickly find parking options to meet their needs.

The more we learned about the needs of drivers, operators and carriers, the more we realized that our platform needed to go an extra step. We are in the process of developing our platform to address the hourly and daily truck parking market with a dedicated app that will provide all available truck parking, both free and paid, on a driver’s route.

We are very grateful for the opportunity to be able to solve these problems and do our part to keep the trucking industry moving forward!