Terms and Conditions

At Hitch, our mission is to provide each of our users an efficient, easy, and secure parking experience. Whether you are looking to rent a parking space at one of our Parking Facilities or are in need of immediate temporary parking, we offer a wide variety of products and services to meet your needs (the "Services"). We have adopted some guidelines and rules to help insure we meet our goal. It is your responsibility to know our rules and policies prior to using our Services. By using the Services, you (the "User") acknowledge that you have read and agree to comply with the terms and conditions contained herein, Hitch’s privacy policy, and the General Parking Terms and Conditions (the "Agreement"). These terms and conditions listed herein are not comprehensive, and Hitch reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions at any time without notice. The wide variety of Services offered by Hitch may also require acknowledgment, acceptance, and compliance with additional terms. Any additional terms will be provided to you and will be deemed to be a part of the Agreement by reference. Hitch reserves the right to refuse entry or use of any of the Services to any Person who does not comply with the guidelines and rules set forth herein. Please note, there will not be a refund if Services are terminated for violation of the Agreement or violation of any additional terms and conditions relating to the use of the Services set forth herein.

Use of Services. Use of our Services is limited to parties who have the authority and capacity to form a binding contract. The use of any Service must also strictly comply with and be in accordance with all applicable laws and this Agreement. In order to use Hitch’s Services, you may be required to register for a Hitch account or a Hitch account may be assigned to you by an administrator such as an employer. Upon creating a Hitch account, User hereby represents and warrants to Hitch that all information submitted by User is complete and accurate.

Who We Are. Hitch is a technology company. Hitch does not own, operate, or maintain any Parking Facility, nor does Hitch provide parking enforcement services. Parking Facilities are owned and operated by third-parties. "Owner" shall be defined as the person or entity that owns the real property which shall be defined as the Parking Facility. "Management" shall be defined as the person or entity that manages the operation and maintenance of the Parking Facility. The terms Owner and Management shall be deemed to include all agents, employees, officers, and representatives of the Owner or Management, as applicable.

General Parking Terms and Conditions. The use of any Parking Facility is subject to the General Parking Terms and Conditions (insert hyperlink). Additional parking rules and restrictions of each Parking Facility may apply and shall take precedence over any conflicting provision contained in these General Parking Terms and Conditions. Any violation of the applicable Parking Facility rules and regulations shall be deemed a violation of this Agreement and the use of the Services provided hereby.


License, Registration, and Insurance. All vehicles, trucks, RVs’ and boats entering the Parking Facility must be properly licensed and insured. Parking permits and agreements can be obtained by applying and registering at hitchparking.com or via the mobile app Hitch. All liability and property insurance must be current and a copy of the insurance card, policy identification, driver’s license, and credit card must accompany the parking application. Online registration of vehicles is required. A photo of your truck/trailer/boat should also be submitted for reference.

Owner and Management reserve the right to approve or deny all vehicles to be accommodated at any Parking Facility.

Indemnity. Hitch, Owner, and Management are not responsible for damage, injury, or loss to either person or property. The Owner and Management of the Parking Facility absolve themselves from all liability and responsibility pertaining to loss by fire, theft, weather, acts of God, property damage, accident or any other cause whatsoever, and User agrees to save, protect and hold harmless Hitch, Owner, and Management from all such liability. The User of the Parking Facility assumes all risk associated with the Services and Parking Facility and shall save, protect, and hold harmless Hitch, Owner, and Management for any damage or stolen property as a result of the use Services and the Parking Facility.

Parking Space. Each permit allows User to park one vehicle in the designated space assigned to User. Users shall only park in the location indicated in the contract or parking agreement executed by and between Hitch, Owner, and/or Management and User.

Closing of Parking Facilities. Hitch, Owner, and Management reserve the right to temporarily shut down the Parking Facility for any and all reasons Owner, Management, or Hitch deem necessary.

Customer Responsibility. User is responsible for any and all damage to any building, property, fencing, gates, or gravel lot. User should use caution when driving and parking, and shall also engage the parking brake while parked. If User destroys or damages the Parking Facility, property located at or on the Parking Facility, or another User’s property, User shall be solely responsible and liable for all damages, costs and expenses.

Compliance. User must comply at all times with the Parking Facilities Rules and Regulations and the terms of this Agreement. Any User of the Parking Facility found to be in non-compliance of this Agreement or the Parking Facility rules shall be subject to warning, fine, and/or removal from the Parking Facility.

Termination. Unless otherwise explicitly agreed to in writing, all parking agreements are subject termination by Hitch, Owner, Management, or User with thirty (30) days prior written notification of termination. Users who continue to park at the Parking Facility after termination or expiration this Agreement or Parking Agreement will be subject to towing and impoundment of their vehicle. Notwithstanding anything contained herein to the contrary, Users with more than three violations may have their contract terminated immediately upon the third violation. Such termination shall be in the sole discretion of Hitch, Owner, or Management as applicable.

Repairs and Maintenance. No repairs of any kind are allowed at the Parking Facilities. This includes major and minor repairs including, but not limited to, tire repairs, oil changes, etc.

Payment, Renewals, Rates and Pricing. Monthly parking fees are due by the first day of each month. If no payment is made after a designated grace period, the vehicle located in the Parking Facility will be subject to towing and impoundment. Auto renewals take place 15 days prior to the end of each month. Hitch reserves the right to increase parking rates as needed with prior notification. All prices on hitchparking.com and Hitch mobile app are imposed with a no haggle policy.


Other Rules.

Gate codes to the Parking Facility shall not be disclosed by the User to any other Person.

Please place trash in plastic bags and dispose of garbage in dumpsters or designated trash cans.

Overnight sleeping is prohibited at our parking facilities.

No washing of vehicles, trucks, RVs’ or boats at Parking Facilities.

Valuable Items should be safely stored away. Hitch, Owner, and Management are not responsible for stolen or lost items.

Please keep your parking area neat and organized.

Please locate your personal vehicle at designated places only.

Any rude behavior, public intoxication, nudity, or vulgar language will result in immediate removal from the Parking Facility.

Unlicensed drivers of any vehicle are strictly prohibited.

User’s vehicle must be road ready and tires must be kept up. If there is an emergency situation, or any situation deemed necessary by the local authorities or Management, User must be able to move your vehicle in an hour’s time. All personal property must also be able to be removed.

No uninsured workers are allowed on or at the Parking Facility (repairmen, washing vehicles, boats trailers, etc.). Only approved repairmen with proper proof of insurance are allowed to work at or on Parking Facility.

Exception to the guidelines and rules will only be made by Hitch, Owner, or Management. Violators of these guidelines and rules will be given a chance to rectify the problems. If the problems persist, User will be asked to leave the Parking Facility with no refund.